My device not compatible any more

So before I would always play infinite flight and it is by far my favorite fight sim and now apparently when I go to the play store it says your device is not compatible or something like that and this is really sad because this is a really enjoyable flight sim and it’s sad to have to deal with this so my device is a A02S so could you please make it possible to play.

Judging by the info you have provided, your device is most likely no longer compatible with infinite flight. This means it can no longer run infinite flight stably. The only solution to this is to invest in a newer device, unfortunately. This is the problem that arises as more advanced updates are introduced.

The only solution I can offer you is to invest in a newer device, even if the developers were to enable your device to be compatible, it wouldn’t necessarily be able to run infinite flight stably.

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Just to clarify, with the Play Store listing the device as incompatible, there are a number of factors that could cause this.

Edit: just looked into A02S

This particular device in question, whilst being quite a low power budget device, is running Android in a 32 bit mode, which makes it permanently incompatible. Flashing a 64bit custom rom would trip Play Protect.

In this situation, it really is a case of needing a new device. IF cannot remain on a 32bit platform forever if it wishes to progress in any way. You’ll still be able to enjoy the simulator as of, I believe, versions prior to 21.1


Oh ok thank you

Is recommend taking a look at the PSA PSA: Some Samsung tab users

This seems to be the exact issue you are facing

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