My device is so hot

Hello there , so when I fly my device start to be so hot and I feel it will explode, just when I play infiniteflight

I use iPad 7th 2019 with all high graphics.

And I just left my flight and the iPad is normal now

Don’t use high graphics and high brightness and everything… Apple hasn’t changed the design and apple devices can get very hot very fast but wont explode they will automatically shut off if they get too hot

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Have you got last update? 20.1?
May this help you…

Yeah thank you For these tips

Yes I did , hotfix update

Ok here are some tips

Turn brightness down to zero
Turn all graphics to zero
Put it in a shady place
If you have one, use a small fan

that’s all I do and it’s fine



This is quite normal for performance demanding apps running for a longer time.
I can pretty much make breakfast on my iPad Pro 11 2018 while flying or playing Fortnite

Lower brightness, graphics and it will be better.


Thank you for helping y’all

Trust and respect out of the window. Everything I thought I knew is a lie 😔