My Depiction of an FDS Ilyushin IL-62

Requested by @El_Alex



Any requests?

I want the FDS livery on A350


I’ll add you to my list :)

Do the FDS livery on the 727!


Thanks Bro!

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I’ll add you as well :)

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Can you do a FDS ATR42?

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I’ll add you to my list :)

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Thanks, mate! I appreciate it!

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That plane is amazing w/ the 4 engine on the back

FDS F22 Raptor?

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Couldn’t find a template for it, sorry :(

Can you find a template for the F-16 or F-14? :)

Can’t find any fighters, sorry :(

Ahhhhhhh, if you haven’t done it yet can you do the Delta 787?

That I can do! :) I will add you to my list :)

788 or 789?

788, thank you

could you do a a330. That would be awesome

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