My Depiction of an FDS BAe 146-300!

Not sure if it’s RWA because it’s FDS

Requested by @Snelweg_A15

I can only accept requests of:

Delta/Delta Connection
American/American Eagle
Air France
Qantas/Qantas Link


I wanna see an FDS MD-11

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Wilco @CptNathanHope ;)

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I would like to see an FDS 717 ;)


Wilco @SirMS ;)

What About QantasLink? That’s a pretty straight forward livery.

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Wilco, tomorrow probably ;)

What aircraft?

FDS Ilyushin Il-62 please!

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Wilco tomorrow

It’s a nice plane but i don’t think that the FDS livery suits it! Anyway it looks brilliant well done.

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BAE146 please

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They don’t have those, but ok :)

They Do. QantasLink does. click here then click the linked “Fleet”

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Oho what about a FDS Antonov an 225

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FDS 757-200 please

Where to you get the templates

Oh my gosh…


This plne should definitely be added to the game, especially for LCY