My Day with Hawaiian

Sometimes i just like to spend a day with an airline. In the morning i started at Kona International with a 717 and flew to Honolulu:

Before i could take off, A 777 made a touch and go at Kona INT

Well after that it was time to climb into the morning. I succesfully landed at Honolulu INT and changed my plane, i jumped onto the bigger B763 and took off on 8L. After that i mostly saw water and the blue sky:

More than 6hours the 763 was surounded by blue, but then:

The Isle of PORT VILLA (Vonuatu or something like that)
After 6Hours and 56minutes i landed softly and watched the Mauntains


Great images!

I like the way you showed us all of your routes that you’ve done today. You described them very clearly! :)


Thank you @Niccckk , I try to make it as good as possible. I also try to show the good sides and the bad points of those flights and it is just a lot of fun moving from continent to continent


I think images one and two should be flipped around. Otherwise, great photos!

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Yes you are right @Brad , when i read the post i understand what you mean but I think I should write the introduction a little bit different next time

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Vanuatu ;-)

Great pics!
I also like to spend a day dedicated to an airline!


@Narruto_Mieumieu it is easier than you think. When you have a (more or less) free day then you just need to say:

I only fly Quantas today

And then just fly some short routes and when you are flying long haul do what you have to do

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I actually never did a day dedicated to Qantas
When I do this Airline day I just fly 1-4h flight
Usually I fly When I dont have much to do

btw, with all due respect, where did that talk with easier than you think came from? said I liked to do the same…

I love these kinds of posts 😀

The last picture was stunning! 🤩