My day planespotting at Chubu Centrair Airport(NGO/RJGG)

Centrair is the nearest major airport to my home,and serves Nagoya. I got all these photos from the Skydeck using my phone.

ANA 737-800 JA70AN taxing to its gate after arriving from Sapporo New Chitose(looks nice with a filter,doesn’t it?).

Korean Air A330-200 HL7539 taking off for Seoul Incheon.

Planes on the domestic side of the terminal.

Air China A321-200 B-6791 taxing after arriving from Beijing Capital.

The highlight of my day,a Delta A330-200 N851NW(former Northwest aircraft) arriving after a 13 hour flight from Detroit.

Plus a inflatable Singapore 787-10 in the arrivals lobby!
Ok guys hope you liked my photos!


I always enjoy airports where you can get pretty close to ramp. I see a lot of Asian airports have like a a mini av-geek roof that alows you to kind of stand on the roof and see everything. I’m from America. I don’t know if that is correct. But great photos!

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Is this before the typhoon or after?

Before,like 2 weeks before.

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Yah. That’s what I thought:)
How was the typhoon?

My house is pretty tough,but the noise kept me up all night.Last night my mom and sister went out to buy some dinner,and they thought it was okay because the rain had ended,but 30 minutes later they come back home soaking wet. With wet sushi.

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lol Atleast sushi was cool all the way:)

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Chubu has better view of everything than Narita or Haneda

Well saw your deleted post,I did ride the specific train on Meitetsu,the Series 2000, to get there. And the observation deck is only 50M from the runway!

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50 meters!! I’m jealous lol
Narita is like hundred kilometers:)
Oh m! You saw!
I went to your page and saw you lived in Nagoya so I thought no need.
Is the train expensive?
I love your photos by the way!!

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Yeah,it’s expensive,like 1,200 yen to go and back and Narita and Haneda are far. The secret of my shots is to pick my camera through the wires,then you dont get a lot of things that ruin your shots.

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Wow that’s expensive!!
And I always focus on the wires and not the plane lol
Try to fix it and the plane is already airborn…

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Air Canada just made an emergency landing

Wait what do you mean?

AC1 just made an emergency landing due to problems with engin 2

Wait it made an emergency landing at Haneda? Wow!

Yup! I think around 17:20

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