My day of travel!

I’ll update this thread as I travel!

Taxiing into the gate from Dallas


Cargo doors open

Baggage belts with N71AB from Chattanooga in the background

5 Birds in 1! 4 of them bigger than the other… N957WN to KIND in the background

2 American planes going to 2 American hubs! N571NN from KCLT in the background

I’ll take that A319 to dallas then to paris!

UPDATE: pilot got sick, cancelled our flight. drove 3.5hrs to KMIA and i’m flying direct to CDG! Can’t get any great shots of the bird, so enjoy this swiss 777 instead!

UPDATE: In light of my flight being cancelled on american, I had to rebook our return from frankfurt. because of this, I am hoping to be able to secure a window seat! Will fly EDDF-KATL-KMIA then have to drive back to KSRQ (we took our own car to kmia and have to drive it back)


Great shots! I love the last one, so many planes in one!

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thank you!

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Hope you had a safe flight funny thing I was actually spotting @KSRQ yesterday

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Was this you by any chance


yea! flight was miserable because of the seats I could get but we took off 40 min late and arrived 1 hr early so we made great time.

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Well that’s cool Eiffel Tower??

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between waiting on the taxiway for 30 minutes for our gate to open and waiting an hour for the bags to reach the claim, it was 4pm (10AM @ SRQ) before I even arrived at my hotel. @ dinner rn, doing the eiffel tower wednesday!

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Is it just you?

no, i’m with my parents, younger brother, and older sister

Nice pics, lovely pic of that Swiss triple 7. I wish I had my Dad take a picture while I went on an impromptu plane spotting trip a few weeks back. I was driving from Detroit to Nashville about 2 weeks ago. I was driving by KSDF (Louisville) at 4:00 AM on I-65 south and I saw a UPS heavy (think A300 or MD-11) takeoff right when I drove by the runway. Couldn’t tell the make/model because I was focused on getting to Nashville safely.

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How was the Eiffel Tower?

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of course it rained only on the morning we went, but it was such an awesome experience! 100000/10 recommend

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Oui Oui Je veux vraiment essayer l’avenir !!

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