My dads flight to Austin🇺🇸✈️

My dad left this morning to head to austin for business, so he gave me some photos
——-Norfolk in’tl

1:Nice view of Terminal A

2:American eagle CRJ roaring in runway 5

3: Breezey the Bug-eyed plane(A220)

4: “I’m ready to breeze outta norfolk!!, hurry up!” Said breezey the Bug-eyed plane

5: Yes, i know. More breeze

Washington dulles
6: United express reunion?

7: United dreamliner taking a nap 💤

Austin-Bergstorm in’tl

8: Long,Yellow banana

9: Mr.United

10&Final: My dads IAD-AUS flight tracking

Thanks guys for viewing, Let’s make this popular for my dad!

Aircraft he was on
ORF-IAD: Embraer E145X

His flights tomorrow will come out Tommorow


I would suggest moving this to Spotting

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Hey @BreezeVirtual, check out all these seriously nice pictures of Breeze aircraft


Tell your papa he did well taking some nice pics!
The bug eye Breezy is a clever shot!


@PhorzaSky and @Heavy_Lifter, Thank you. I wasn’t expecting the word “Seriously nice

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