My dads First flight

Hello and welcome to my dads first flight! Had my grandma fly about a year ago and oh boy!

Guess he wanted to fly an A380,
Hey pretty decent rotation for now…

I take back what i said.

Just another day watching planes takeoff

Nice turn dad!

Said he wanted to give Fullerton airport a show

Final looking stable maybe some EMT’S needed

That’s gotta hurt

And we’re back up!

Okay looks like he wanted to park here

Feel free to comment! i’d love to read these to him!


Looks like an awesome journey! Definitely went spaceship status on the launch lol 🚀


i showed him landing and he goes “so boring and smooth we need some action!

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Maybe next time give him the controls of a fighter! I think he’d really enjoy it 😂


I’m glad he had some fun!😂

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omg that is genius! definitely trying it next weekend

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ryanair should hire him


this was hilarious. It should have more likes.

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oh just wait till the F-18 😉 😂



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He used full throttle on takeoff, didn’t he?

Ryanair should hire him immediately.

That looked like a fun first flight. However, someone should have told him to start with the C172.

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Oh boy that can’t be good

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oh man i tried telling him to start smaller and he didn’t want to 😂

I cant stop laughing 😂…at least he “landed” lol

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haha i know right! about to give him the controls of a fighter jet 😂