My dad's back from Estonia, and he got me this...



That’s pretty cool man! But why wasn’t it a 787 :( 787 is my favorite plane


OMG you are so lucky I might be getting a etihad 787 new livery & a KLM a350 😜

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Estonia is right by Finland and Finnair doesn’t have 787s yet

Just opened it @Belfast_spotter and @masonh2479. Added more pictures

What’s it like? Any pictures?

At the top ;)

Nice my mum and dad are coming back from Barcelona tomorrow and should have got me a model

Maybe AFR380 or 777

No it will probably be an easy jet a319/a320 but I’ll be getting a BA a380 at gatwick in a few weeks when I go there.

I got the BA a380

Is it big lol

I’ve also got a CSeries 100 bombardier livery


Can you post a pic of the BA a380

It’s an ok size It can fit in one hand

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Not right now it’s nearly 11 at night & I have school tomorrow

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Others that I have are Daron Realtoy aircraft

Is it a snap fit model?

The a380 yes

I’m in the same position lol