My Dad’s flight from KSMF to KBUR

In 2020 last year my Dad was on a Southwest Airlines special livery


Nice! I’ve been on California One. 💕

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That’s super cool

What route was he on?


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What route where you on Southwest Airlines California one

Dallas Love to Baltimore

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Cool have you been on other Southwest Airlines special liveries besides California one

Oh dang that’s cool! I have never seen that livery!

Sadly no 😭. I’ve been on other airlines special liveries.

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That is Southwest Airlines Arizona one

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For next time, I’d recommend cropping your images. It’ll make them look much better.

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A! Your like me, except I’ve never spotted my dad yet 😂

I have spotted my dad actually piloting the flight before!

Really love to see Arizona One, such a beautiful livery! Just got split scimitar winglets installed too! Re-entered service one or two days ago after spending a few weeks at KRNT

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That’s cool you dad piloted Arizona one dose he work for Southwest

He is a pilot for southwest!

He has flown many of the special liveries before but I don’t recall if he has flown Arizona one…

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Can you please ask your dad when will he pilot a Southwest Airlines special livery

Well he won’t know if he is flying one until he gets to the airport but if texts me he is flying one I will let you know!

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Love that Southwest airline livery!!

Thank you I love all Southwest Airlines special liveries