My crazy flight

Would you like to hear about the flight where just about every weird thing you could think of happened on my flight? Here’s the true story.

First, I go to take off at Palm Springs on ATC playground at Runway 31L. Two people are in front of me, waiting for a guy called Turkish 204 to arrive, but he came in too quick and went around. While waiting, one plane had its wing glitched into the other plane, in these pictures.

Once he went around, the two planes took off, and just like always, even in real life, right when it’s my turn, I’m told to hold. Once Turkish 204 came in, on the other side of the runway, ANOTHER plane touched down too. Turkish then swerved off the runway at 122 kts.
I fly to KLAX. When I’m descending right downwind into Runway 06R, I’m lower than 10,000 ft, but a plane LOWER than me is going 268 kts.

As I’m on indefinite final, meaning I was touching down despite almost all circumstances, and I see another plane on final next to me. At first, I could’ve sworn it looked like it was coming into the runway next door, but at the very last minute, I could see he was landing right in front of me.

Luckily I stopped before I slammed into him, but it’s a flight I’ll never forget…

Well, maybe.


Try flying on free flight lol you would of seen people below you flying 400kts

I break the rules on FFS too.

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@C_Baccari I was Virgin 72 Heavy, I had no knowledge of the KLM 737. Perhaps it either did not render on my screen, or it came from behind me?

Sorry to hear that you had to wait, but I definitely waited until I had clearance before I took off. :)

The speed displayed is the Ground Speed.
Gear should be lowered once aligned with the runway, not above 6.000 ft.

The landing was more than scary, only by looking at your attitude I would go around…


Should’ve asked for a different runway.

@nickdubest and that is exactly why the playground server is a joke.

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there needs to be a server above playground but less than advanced

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You will never align like this at KLAX… Who knows? Maybe Swiss was correctly aligned with the runway and not you? On the photo, the Swiss A333 is better placed to land than you…

And by the way, the speed displayed on the other profiles is the ground speed, not the IAS.

It was just an optical illusion, from angle perception. It’s just because it looked that way.

Ok but just check your LOC indiactor…you are not at all aligned whereas the Swiss A333 looks more aligned thean you 😉

Anyway, let’s just follow the rules and fly like professional pilots. Enjoy!

Look at this lol

no hate intended…