My crazy flight experience

So, I just came back home (Sydney) from Ankara, Turkey. The first flight of the 24+ hour trip was from Ankara to Istanbul on an A321. I was not feeling very well but I could not resist the delicious little sandwich they provide. As we were approaching Istanbul, I look out the window, to see another aircraft just a few feet away from the wingtip. The pilots made a quick and unexpected turn to the right. The TCAS in the cockpit must have exploded after that close call. We landed in Istanbul and checked in to our Emirates flight from Istanbul to Dubai. After that we decided to eat. We got Popeyes chicken. Nothing to big. The chicken was undercooked which did not help with my upset stomach. After that I started feeling worse. We waited around 4 hours to board the 777. I spent the whole flight in the lavatory. Really smooth landing though. We got off the plane and headed to one of the terminals in Dubai. I felt horrible. I felt like puking. I tried to hold it in, but no. It was too late, I puked. The airport doctors came to my assistance and tested my blood pressure. I think I got food poisoning. Since it was a 9 hour wait for the flight from Dubai to Sydney, we booked a hotel. As we walked into the hotel lobby, I started feeling ill again. It came so unexpectedly. I puked :( It was a really nice hotel though. Comfortable beds and a 5 star looking bathroom. The next morning as we were walking through the airport, we bumped into a staff member who appears on the show Ultimate Airport Dubai. That was pretty cool. As our 13+ hour trip on the A380 was coming to an ending, we ran into heavy turbulence just over Port Lincoln and Adelaide. A few people freak. I don’t really worry about turbulence, but in this case I was holding tight to the arm rests. The plane was shaking really badly. As we entered NSW, the weather was perfect. It was a rough landing. As we were vacating the runway, the plane braked suddenly, which caused things to fall in the kitchen area. This is not a complaint or anything insulting Emirates or Turkish Airlines. I am just sharing my experience. My previous experiences on these airlines were great. Thanks for reading! And share your flight experiences in the comments.


“Just a few feet away from the wingtip”

You mean miles/kilometers right?


It was so close. And I mean CLOSE.

Lol that was funny …

When I was on a Qatar 777 from ( Melbourne - Doha - Ankara ), halfway through the flight a flight attendant slipped and spilt tea all over an old man ! Everybody started to laugh and then the guy got upgraded to business class with a special apology from the Captain …


Then I might as well trip over a flight attendant with something hot in her/his hand. Instant upgrade. (Not that I actually will)


This is more of a funny story.
When I was landing at Denver, I had to do a go around which was a first for me. I thought that my friend, who was a controller there, was messing with me. He later told me that the 737 in front of us had to roll all the way down the 16,000ft runway.
Other than that I’ve been on a flight where the seatbelt sign was never turned off due to turbulance.


My approach into DBV stunned me. The plane turned sharply onto right base only about a kilometre from the runways start.

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Get well @emir_sergio,
everything fine now, hope so. :-)

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It sounds like you over exaggerated a few parts of your flight, the sudden turn was most likely not TCAS because planes are almost always on very strict STARS that would avoid aircraft even getting close to a situation requiring TCAS to kick in.