My craziness expert sever flight ever!

My flight was normal with amazing African scenery and lovely sunset but all the action was at Nairobi airport especially when ATC goes offline then the crazy things that go on with 3-5 aircrafts landing at the same time!

Route - EGLL to HKJK ( London to Nairobi)
Flight time - 8hrs and 35 mins
Aircraft - 777-200/ER
Sever - Expert Sever


sorry they didn’t come out in order I wanted them to : (


yeah it is a mess, just opened there as ATC it is much better now :)


and i thought that it was a joke…

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Were they landing on top of each other?!

also… WHAT


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Well this is beautiful:

Nice photos, too bad Nairobi was a disaster. 😂

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I know it was crazy there 😂😂😂

are you sure about that? looks like casual to me

Yep it was expert sever

Oh no the plane crashing… Sometimes I think Training Sever is better, lol.

have you ever seen EGLL or KLAX without ATC?!

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This is the prime example of TS without atc lol.

Losing faith in the Expert Server everyday


yeah same…

without ATC expert is casual on a next level, but with ATC it is good

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The pictures seen here with the attitude on ES is really saddening, actually doing that flight now and hopping to not see this when I land in a few hours

Your faith in expert server might be restored if you fly to smaller airfields, or ones with less traffic. I’ve almost entirely stopped flying to hubs with the exception if I’m flying in/out at an odd hour where the traffic has significantly slowed down. That being said, the experience is immensely better, especially since I’m not a fan of the conga lines and shenanigans that seem to occur at hubs. Although if flying with high volumes of traffic is your thing, then I’m not sure what else there is to do.

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You sure don’t know me lol

I’m mostly into military aviation simulation with GAF, Swiss VFR flight planning and European IFR in regional airports.
The only times I get into major hubs (Nairobi ain’t that big tho), I met lines of long haulers sniffing each others APU and I find as funny as desolating…

But that’s absolutely fine, we are all aiming different experiences and while I’m trying to get mine as real as possible, some people just want to be close to each others (quite… literally).

The problem is that it’s happening in the Expert Server and that annoys me the most.

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I typically fly in non-ATC places because they’re just my favorite places, but wow. Interesting how things can go as soon as ATC leaves 😂

Well of course I don’t. I figured I’d just put my thoughts down.

Then surely you’d agree when I say:

Two things.

  1. This is on me, but I meant hub as in hub for the ATC schedule.
  2. That’s part of the problem. Pair large amounts of traffic with smaller airport, and voila! You’ve just created the perfect conditions to be witness to the tomfoolery on expert server.

Trust me, this is an issue that annoys me as well, however both you and I have been around the forums and the app long enough to know that unfortunately, conga lines of long haulers are commonplace at atc hubs on expert server. There shouldn’t be much surprise when flying in to an ATC hub to be greeted by those issues.