My Craziest Pattern Work Session Yet!

1) Background to the photos
Upon discovering that Cairns Airport was being controlled this morning, I went in for some patterns. Every round of pattern work had its own quirk. From near-crashes last-second go-arounds, it was the definition of a doozy.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, Cairns Airport, 1100Z, Pattern Work
3) Photos

In the first round, I had struggles maintaining altitude.

In the second round, I took off at just the right time.

In the third round, the controller left the frequency and I was able to get in one good round.

In the fourth round, I was able to hit the ground at just the right time.

In the fifth round, I had heading problems and had to go around at the last minute.

In the final round, I had to pull off a Kai-Tak or a Tegucigalpa to get the plane on the ground. The plane overran the runway and smashed into the sea at 80 knots. The plane is still under the sea today.

In total, there were four landings generated in the system. Let’s just say I am never doing that again.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Pattern works in an A350 is obviously not a good idea…


Why not? How do you think pilots do base training?