My COO services for any VAs

Hello guys and those who are owners of VAs, I am a COO working for many VAs such as Aeromexico VA, Froniter VA and Venture VA, I have many talents for me being a COO, I can get on very well with others, I also focus on team chemistry, and how well a team is doing, I know to deal with a VA as I have mentioned before about me being a COO, I always have new ideas for a VA. So this is why I propose my COO services to you, the owners of your wonderful VAs if any owner of a VA reads this topic and is interested please message me on the community, so for the VAs looking for a COO and are new-starters please then talk to me.

Please keep an eye on VA threads for them recruiting. - The isn’t the arena for job adverts.


The best way to get to high ranks is to apply to VAs and show your expertise practically.