My connection in Atlanta

Hey everyone! A while back while visiting Embry-Riddle, the school I’ll be attending starting this fall, I stopped over in Atlanta on my way there and back. (KLGA-KATL-KDAB, and vice versa) I took some pictures on my phone, which once edited didn’t turn out half bad. Enjoy! :)

This first shot was after arriving at Atlanta from LaGuardia…the first leg before heading down to Daytona Beach Int’l.

These next few were taken while taxiing to runway 27R for departure out of Atlanta bound for New York on the way home.
image image image

I thought these shots of the concourses were pretty cool! New Mexico One and the city of Atlanta can be seen in this picture, as well as a Spirit a320 departing parallel to me across the airport.

Next up is my MD90 lining up on 25R for takeoff to ATL on a nice sunny day

Here is the very well known Belmont Horse race track, along side my high school on a rainy day which can be seen down below. We were on final for runway 31 at LaGuardia.

Here’s a picture of traffic passing overhead, somewhere over North Carolina/Virginia. Fun fact: those strips of clouds actually indicate a rolling motion of winds in the atmosphere…the winds are rising where the clouds are and falling where there are breaks in the clouds…kind of like a wave.

Finally, here’s a shot of Charlotte-Douglas Int’l from a nice high 39,000ft. Shoutout to anyone who can count all the aircraft in this pic.

I hope you like these pics. I’ll probably be sharing more in the future.


Very cool! I actually just connected in Atlanta for the first time a few days ago (VPS-ATL, ATL-MCO) and let me tell you, that place runs like its own city.

Anyways, exciting to hear that you’re going to Embry Riddle, it was one of the schools I was looking into but ended up choosing Purdue. What are you studying there?

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Really nice pictures 👍🏻

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Thanks! And yeah the way Atlanta runs is like a little city. I’m going there to study air traffic control and hopefully end up in a tower one day.

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Nice pics 😄👍🏽

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Nice! Particularly like the 6th one.

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