My Chinese new year celebration flight

新年快乐!Here are some photos of my Chinese new year celebration flight. I am half Chinese, and all of my family except me, my dad, my mum, my sister and my dad’s mum live in Harbin, a city in North - East China. I haven’t seen my grandparents in person for years due to Covid, so the Lunar new year really is a special time for me. Today, I flew CA9995 from Beijing to Mumbai! Here are my photos!

Flight info:
Calllsign: Air China 9995 Heavy
Server: Expert
Flight time: 6h 50mins


At the gate with some lovely scenery in the background

Nice shot of the Departure with a China airlines B77W in the background

Another departure shot with a view over the wing!

About to enter Nepal as the sun begins to set

Brilliant view of Mount Everest!

A spotter captures a lovely shot of our landing in Mumbai

At the gate after an extremely scenic flight! I definitely recommend this route!


Amazing photos! China’s scenery is so beautiful!

Have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben


Thanks Ben! I agree, China is an absolute gem for good scenery

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Hello! @Captain_Emergency Thanks for participating in our Chinese New Year event. We hope you can reunite with your grandparents soon! 新年快乐!!


Thanks @AirChinaVirtual! You are a great VA!

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787 my favourite! Why is the 777 revers thrust on while taxiing?

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Oh I never noticed that! Probably just a replay glitch 😂

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