My chaotic flight to Costa Rica on United!

Lately I’ve seen lots of others on the fourum post their commercial flying experiences and I thought I’d do the same and I have a real roller coaster ride to share with you!
Now! Enough chitchat from me and on with my flight experience!

May 23rd 2019 6:30am I am waiting for my United flight to start boarding to Denver to pass the time I am eating a burger for breakfast due to the nearby burger restaurant begins the only restaurant open in our concourse. Five minutes later the l had finished the burger and the boarding announcement was made but not even a minute afterwards th gate agent said over the PA that severe weather was detected in the Denver area and my flight was delayed by three hours. I went up to the gate agent to ask to be rebooked onto another flight through a different city this city would be San Francisco. Although all the flights earlier in the day were taken and I only available flights were in the evening. The outcome was that I spent the day asleep. Once the time came I headed back out to the airport to catch my next flight. Around an hour before my flight departs

I took this not so good picture of the plane that I was flying on

Once I had boarded my plane after 12 hours of being stuck in Portland I sat back in my seat and was really excited to get going since I hadn’t been to SFO in years! But weather had struck again! With fog in San Fran being too thick to land safely I encountered another delay once again! After about an hour and half my plane pushed back from the gate and slowly taxied out to to the runway to hold there for 20 minutes and along with which added to our delay. Once we got into the air the rest of the flight was uneventful. Once I landed in SFO it was a quick taxi to the gate where I got the opportunity to see the United Eco Skies 737 which unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture of. Once we got to the gate it was a fight to be the first one off the plane. When I finally got off the plane I had a tight connection to catch my red eye and to be honest that was the fastest I’ve ever ran to catch the last flight to Houston George Bush. Success! My plane was still waiting for me, a United Airlines 757-200 that was due to take me to Houston. Three hours later after the flight being nothing but routine. I woke up to the plane slowing down and the welcome call into IAH. I walked through the terminal and once I found my gate I stopped to get some pancakes at a nearby restaurant while I was looking at Flightradar24 watching my plane to Costa Rica land in Houston from Miami. I was very happy to find out that the plane was wearing the new United livery. During boarding I was able to snap a photo of the

special plane

As the jetway retracted I was hoping that the light at the end of the tunnel was near and all the delays were over. The long taxi to the runway was starting to get old as I just wanted to get to my destination. Once the plane took off I settled in for some Sports news on the IFE but felt asleep shortly into a baseball game. I awoke to find us upon our approach into MRLB otherwise know as Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport in the city of Liberia Costa Rica. After we landed in MRLB I got off the plane relived to finally have gotten off the plane but not without

a final picture of the plane

I left the gate for passport control with a very rich story to tell and all the excitement that had been building up for the trip and all in all I certainly enjoyed my vacation and my travel experience filled with memories that I will keep for the rest of my life.


Sounds like a cool story! I’ve only ever been delayed once, a 2 hour delay in LIRP due to lightning. Luckily I could watch the Kildare-Cork game (which we unfortunately lost) but it passed the time.

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Had a two hour sitting on the tarmac delay in a United emb 120, very boring.


Sounds like typical Denver weather except it’s very rare to have severe weather here in the morning

Sounds like a good flight! I would love to be rebooked and do three flights 😂

Personally, I don’t mind delays though, so I would be planespotting the entire time xD

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This may or may not be the reason I want my flights to be delayed most of the time


Yeah like, who wants to depart on time? 🤪


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