I took these photos on a long 8:56hr flight from YSSY (Sydney Kingsford Smith) to RPLL (Manila Ninoy Aquino) airport using an Airbus A321-200 owned and operated by Cebu Pacific (5J). The flight departed at 14:36 (GMT+10 SYD).

5J40 took off from 07 at YSSY, before making a wide left hand 180. The flight tracked through the middle of Australia, up towards YPDN (Darwin International) before heading north through the Indonesian Islands towards the Philippines.

This route usually is serviced 5 days a week by an Airbus a330-300 in a high density single class configuration. Cebu fits a cringe worthy 436 pax in their 5J40 service. Im glad PALs service between Australia is a much more comfortable A321NEO two class service, with the a330 and 777 making appearances during the busy season. Hopefully you enjoyed this trip! As always, I’ve tried to edit the screenshots and make them more high-res and realistic.

  1. 5J40 rotating out of 07 (Beacon shot!!!)

  2. Cruising at 36000ft over the Northern Territory

  3. Leaving the beautiful Australian waters just near Darwin.

  4. Leaving the beautiful Australian waters just near Darwin.

  5. 5J40 hiding in the shadows over Indonesia, with the moon.

  6. 5J40 flaring into RPLL runway 24


Awesome picture …
Safe landing ya

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Thank you!

Poor passengers very cramped for an 8+ hour flight😂
Side note: All your pictures look really good, thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures

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I have had a friend take this exact flight as a return pairing… both ways was full pax - even on wide body the flight is unbearable. massive lines to the bathrooms, minimal recline, paid inflight service… my eyes actually tear up hearing about it! As a flight attendant I could not possibly fathom that service. But when you can fly 5J from Aus to Philippines for sometimes 199$ return its not hard to see why people go Cebu…

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I mean 8 hours of cramped or spend much more driving and whatever else would be needed

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Did I mention there is no seatback IFE? I took Cebu within the Philippines on an a320 service and Im glad it was only 1 hour long. Im no giant by any means and my knees had to fold up like origami!

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