My Cathay Pacific A350 Inaugural

Of course, my first A350 Flight had to be in the Cathay Pacific Livery. @biscot joined me on this 3.5 hour flight from Hong Kong to Singapore. We truly experienced the beauty of this aircraft while dealing with the chaotic uncontrolled hub of Changi!

The Cathay Trio ready for departure, two headed to Singapore, one headed to Osaka

Liftoff with @biscot waiting in the background

Banking out of Hong Kong, oh the beauty 😍

More stunning angles of the A350

Another A350 judges my landing

Moments before touchdown…gear tilt!

Seriously, is every aircraft here an A350?

Parking in for the night. Sadly @biscot couldn’t join me at the gate…he made an oopsie before landing

BONUS: Misha was supervising the chaotic unsupervised WSSS during my landing, and someone decided to trail behind me on final. He was 15 seconds away from being ghosted until he had the sense to go around. All part of the plan - Misha managed to get this stunning shot:

(EDIT: this image is on the IF instagram page and reportedly set as Misha’s iPad wallpaper)


and i oop-

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Nice pictures mate; truly the most fitting livery for the A359!

Flying with her next week IRL (CX506) but it will most likely be operated by an A333…
Edit: It was operated by a Cathay Pacific A359 after all!

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lucky you, I only ever got to fly her once and that was to Taipei, not long enough to enjoy the A350 hmph

I see you also agree with my very unbiased opinion of the best A350 livery! Thanks for the support!

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Really love these photos, keep it up!! :)

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Stunning pictures 😍


This is my Cathay 359 Inaugural❤️ landing at my hometown.


I dont get it.

There was no ATC, but Misha was sitting at a gate supervising, and he has the ability to report those not following unicom or behaving realistically as a pilot (i.e. not going around when someone is 1 mile in front of you on final). He communicated on slack that he was going to ghost the guy, but he went around last second and avoided it - and by getting dangerously close, it made way for the perfect screenshot!

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Lol, thats cool.

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