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I think this is the right place to post this, but I’m not entirely sure.

Hello IFC!

I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while now, and I think I’m going to try doing a Career type thing in Infinite Flight. Here’s how this will work:

I am simulating that I just got out of the University of North Dakota (I want to go here) with an aviation degree. 23 years old, and ready to get my first job at an airline. I will pretend that I am hired by an airline and assigned to fly one aircraft for the foreseeable future. (I will most likely allow myself to switch aircraft every six months or so if I am getting bored.) Now comes the fun part:

I need your help

So let’s pretend that I applied for first officer jobs at 4 different airlines:


For this, we are going to pretend that I was offered jobs at Skywest, JetBlue, and Delta, but I was not offered a job by United. This leaves me a choice.

If I choose Delta, I will put all feasible aircraft into a spinner and I will fly whatever comes out.

Whereas JetBlue have offered to put me on the A320 right off the bat.

Skywest has told me that I can choose what aircraft I would like to fly, either the CRJ or ERJ.

This is where I need your help: What should I decide to do?

Also keep in mind that I will post screenshots on most of these flights (What would you like to see?)

  • Skywest, where I can choose the aircraft I fly.
  • Delta, where I get a randomly assigned aircraft.
  • JetBlue, where I am guaranteed on the A320.

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I know that I will be making the final decision, but I would just like to hear the community’s opinion.

Also, please let me know if you like this idea for Infinite Flight, and any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

(maybe this will even encourage someone else to try something like this)



This is really an interesting concept, I chose Skywest, but it’s “your” choice. 😂


Thank you @Sashaz55! Maybe I will just be the guinea pig for this idea.


I definitely haven’t seen something like this before. Can’t wait to see how this turns out :)


I will be posting screenshots from different flights I do, so stay tuned!


I’m one of those people who like any aircraft I’m given the choice to fly. I put a vote to Delta. New thing like everyone else has said!


Career mode is a really interesting idea for Infinite Flight and makes the experience more realistic. I used to play the game career mode by flying out of the airport I last landed at; that was certainly fun!

If you wanna do Delta then I suggest you join DLVA! :)


I would join DLVA, but unfortunately I’m not old enough yet. :(

We playing 2k now?

Jk, you should do Delta.


It kinda depends on what aircraft you like the most. I love flying the A320. So I’d probably pick JetBlue. But if your into long hauls. There’s a good chance you could get a long haul aircraft out of Delta. And if you like the CRJ or ERJ, you’d pick Skywest. It’s preference really. Whatever aircraft and flight length you prefer


Thanks for the kind words everybody!

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Okay everyone, here’s what I decided!

As Delta had the most votes, I figured I would do that. I spun the wheel, and I received the A319! I was really exited when I found out. Overall, really happy that I got the A319!

Now to decide on a hub…

EDIT: Based on FR24 findings, most Delta A319 flights are from SLC or MSP. Should I put them in a spinner?

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A320 pilots at Delta fly the A321 and A320 as well, so you’d be flying those as well, it’s a single type rating and single bid category. In any given trip, in fact, you might fly a tiny A319 on one segment and then fly a 200 seat A321 the next, there are no specific A320 or A319 trips, it’s all mixed. New Hires at Delta almost always get NYC, it’s very rare to get anything else and it’s only the A320 (A319, A320, A321), the 73N (737-700, 737-800, 737-900ER) 7ER (757-200, 757-300, 767-300ER), MD80, 717, or A220. The A330, A350, 764, and 777 are never given to new hires. The only recent drop that wasn’t NYC was Atlanta on the MD80, so fly out of NYC for now. There’s barely any A320 flying (or any flying) out of NYC right now, but once this whole corona thing passes eventually the flying will come back sooner or later, so just hold out for now. LGA and JFK have a fairly similar amount of flying right now, so you’ll be flying out of both airports. You mentioned using FR24, but I don’t know if you were using this page, it is truly a great and underrated resource that everyone here should be using.

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Thanks for all the information @dan1! Greatly appreciated.

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You Should apply on cargo Airlines, high chance of flying the Queen (747)

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what about united??? they are the best common now :)

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@MissRosa I think I’m going to choose something aside from Delta and the A319 mainly because it’s kinda boring…

Well, it’s your choice but I’d go with cargo Airlines just to fly the 747

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True. I also was sorta looking at an airline where I could fly the 772.

I also love the 787, but from my list above I think I might go with Skywest.

Most likely (from what I’ve heard), if you’re fresh out of college (23yrs old) and have a commercial license as well as your minimum hour requirements you would be first hired by a small regional airline like SkyWest due to work loads and senioritis and such.

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