My career in Aviation

Hi all!

Hope you’re all well! It’s been apparent that I’ve been offline for around 2 months now… it’s time to explain why.

Recently I’ve started a cabin crew job at Ryanair. Here are the best bits so far


That’s amazing! I’m very happy for you and happy to see you here again! Enjoy life in the skies! :D

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Is it in your contract that they will pay for any surgery needed due to hard landings? If not, quit.

Jokes aside, congrats!



How do rate the landings so far?


Soon, Swiss001 will take pictures and post it on Instagram 😂

Nice job, and nice pic


Nice, looks like a cool job! Even though they are known for the hard landings, it seems they are actually a pretty nice airline.

That’s awesome! Congratulations!

That is so cool! I’m very happy for you!

Where has your favorite destination that you’re been to so far?

Congratulations!! Wish you the best.

Congratulations! Good Luck on your Aviation Journey as well!

Have fun with your new job! Congratulations! 🥳

Wish you the best!

Good luck!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing this and best of luck in the skies! May your passengers be well-behaved. 🤞🏼


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