My camera lense

Hello there, this probably should be in #real-world-aviation or something and I’m not at that level, so feel free to pm me in case but I have a Tamron 18-200mm lense on my Canon EOS rebel t7 and was wondering if anybody knows if taking video or photos of planes are better, if you know!


Ive tried google and YouTube, no luck

Ok, so you are wondering with your camera what would be better photos or videos?

Correct sir! With my camera and lense.

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Let me look up your camera real quick and see …

Thanks sir!

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Ok, so your camera is made for photos. A 200mm lens will do you well but it’s always best to go big when plane spotting (300mm or more). You can take videos but they probably will not be very good and may include sound disruption.

Thanks sir! Really helped, I don’t know what to say your the best, your the best to the universe

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Ok! 😂 Glad I could help! Just make sure you learn your camera well and you’ll be a pro.

One more question if you know, how do the settings work for the lense I barely got it, on my old one I would use 1/500 F/8 ISO100

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Just mess around with those settings, find the best results. That’s what I do.

This is absolutely the last question, since you do the best research, is the Canon 75-300 lense good or is mine better

I don’t need to look it up. Canon all the way!

Ok thanks sir

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No problem.

I have a T5 and the community members recommended and a professional photographer recommend 55-250 lens for plane spotting. I’m going to order it soon. I’ll also try and get the 75-300mm lens. Capturing photos is great I’m not sure about video. I’d give both a shot.

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