My camera is driving me nuts, or maybe i’m just bad @phx

pictures coming out blurry

in what way? thee look fine

er I guess they don’t look as sharp as they could be, but then I don’t use a fancy editing software

Definitely better than my noob photos

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There’s nothing wrong with these images. Very good shots.

Where these pictures taken today?

Yes they were

my only comeback to this is, looks who’s in the playoffs tho

Yeah this is big brain time. Thanks!

Your photos are good though

Thanks man, appreciate it

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Ah. Was that you that came to the dirt lot today?

Do you remember what car?

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Ah. It was some type of truck.

That wasn’t me then rip

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Sharpness looks fine. I don’t see any issues. These may appear bad too you and it could just be cause the suns not out but other than that quality wise these are good

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It’s 2022 now Mr Wu 🧐


Lol…the name of the topic haha…this is cool!

Ah, I see you spread this stuff on the IFC as well…

big title change moment

I never expected us to be, after Stafford went to the Rams 😂

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The season before Goff lead the rams on a winning season

St brown is actually kinda cracked, carried the last 2 weeks of my fantasy season

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