My calm WX Rant

So it always happens… It’s a calm, beautiful, and an absolutely miserible hot day in Atlanta with 2000 percent humidity, absolutely no wind but the occasional 7kts from the West, just before the horrific F5 tornado wipes out east point or little five points, Marrietta, or Woodstock, take your pick lol

All runways are green. Flightaware and F 24 show a certain traffic flow. No one is there but me. Then you show up as I’m 10 nm maybe 20 nm out using IRL traffic flow.

Would you please hold short, or at the very least use some time to taxi and let me land instead of cutting me off or flying directly to me from the opposite end of the field?

Not to mention winds aloft, to include approach maybe very different than those on the ground observed at the field and local METAR


What server was this, and was there any active ATC?

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No, this is absolutely no ATC, UNICOM/CTAF only, expert server. Seems like player thinks nothing better than straight out because it’s all green, Training I understand but for those who strive Abit of "realism " look at what’s going on RL, if not, please don’t just go it on your own and go against the grain of traffic just because it’s all green or less turns if you go a certain way


Thank you for bringing this up. It’s incredibly annoying when one pilot can’t be bothered to fly one downwind leg, ruining it for everyone else. When there is only UNICOM, they don’t need a reason not to follow common sense rules like that, as the system can’t detect it, and is only enforceable from a ghost made a by a human controller, who obviously isn’t there.


What plane and callsign was it?

I’ve had similar, one person didn’t even use UNICOM, taxid to the wrong end of the runway and then took off. I’d already called taking off from 25 and they didn’t even alert me that they were entering the runway.

Expert isn’t just for experts anymore… unfortunately.

Hence my feature request a while a go…

One thing that really erks me on those days of variable calm winds and you’re following real world traffic patterns because even though winds are calm at airfield surface and you’re fighting headwinds anywhere from 3000-6000 feet MSL and then someone either spawns in or is coming in and asks for traffic advisories, you tell them then completely ignores you and does their own thing.

Oops, had to add:. Sorry for basically repeating my origina postl but I guess I did a recap with follow up with the ignoring of UNICOM traffic advisory request, just to ignore them

I see that sometimes, but sadly there is nothing that can be done about it.

True, but if they’re going to do that, at least they could set their device to " airplane mode" land, park then go back online to sync with server and be out of the way; end Flight ( not advised or condoned but in in the interest of disclosure and to test if it works, I’ve done it) yes, shameless.

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