My call sign is a coincidence!

Pasted below is an image of British Airways 787-900 (G-ZBKE). But what’s special about this specific aircraft is that it uses the call sign that I do within BAVA (Speedbird 133). Its route is from EGLL → OJEN and back. ↓

(image credit to unknown Tumbr source)

Anyways, y’all might be saying “Yea? OK? Why is this interesting?” Well the reason I believe is interesting is the fact that almost my whole time with BAVA, I’ve been flying the 789 while using callsign given to me being Speedbird 133. I decided to go on FlightAware one day and searched it up. Lone behold Speedbird 133 was the same aircraft I fly! (it was not the same registration number. Just the same type of A/C

So I think that’s kind of ironic and funny that I fly a real-world call sign with the same plane. Looks like I’ll have to make some trips to OJEN from EGLL in real time.

Please, if you feel free to share your call signs and the aircraft assigned vs what you use, feel free to post the pictures below!


My OCD is killing me, it’s the 787-9. 😂

Really lucky for the coincidence!


Isn’t it kind of like this?

If not, my fault.


789/787-9/787-900 all the same 😉


Yeah, my OCD was just killing me, had to let it out of my system. Sorry if I offended you. 🙂

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I don’t think so considering this is based of a real Aircraft

Nah I got OCD too lol. I’m just too tired to care about it right now 😴😴

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I don’t think so…

[/pedantic mode on] The 787 was named because of the original design ranges which were;

787-3 had a 3000nm design range (at 330 passengers in 2 classes)
787-8 had an 8000nm design range (at 285 passengers in 2 classes)
787-9 had an 8800nm design range (at 250 passengers in 3 classes)

Thus calling them the 787-800/900 is just flat out wrong!

[/pedantic mode off]

can we just stick to calling it the -8/9/10 as Boeing intended? I’m also quite OCD when it comes to these things…


Wait should this not go in look up your call sign in google topic? I think this is also kind of dull and unnecessary.

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No, he doesn’t mean in that sense, he just means calling the aircraft by a specific name :).

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Let’s continue in the other topic. :)