My brothers 2 Year Anniversary flight!

Hello IFC,
This evening after school myself, my brother and a friend of ours went up for a flight during the sunset. Our plan was to go to our local class C airport and see if we could do a touch n go on the big commerical runway. The controllers at KLIT were fantastic as always and let us do a touch n go with a CRJ-200 holding short of the runway. After about a 2 hour flight and with the sun setting we decided to Call it quits and back back to base. @N1RG IMG_3494 IMG_3493


That’s pretty neat! Hope you had a blast!


Congratulations and sounds amazing! Hope it was fun! You Better send me that GoPro footage!

GoPro footage will be on our YouTube probably tommorow!


We had a great time. Super fun


And why would we send the footage to you?

I think he should just post it on this thread and let all of us watch it. :)

The video will be out of the flight tommorow! If your interested in seeing it I will put the link to it here

Sorry for the confusion @N1RG. That is what I ment. It looked like a beautiful flight with a sunset. I always watched footage from a GA aircraft. I’m not trying to be creepy at all lol

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It’s all good! The footage will be edited and put on a thread by either today or tomorrow

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Wow!!! That looks like fun, the runway you landed (and hopefully buttered)on reminds me of LGA 😂

That’s awesome! When I start my cross country training I plan to use KABE frequently. Amazon operates their Prime Air 767 out of there and I’ll be so pumped if I get to see something like that holding short for me lol

Something I wish I had the chance to do with my brother whilst he was still around… Seems like a very special moment and I hope you both enjoyed it!

Haha it was Runway 22L one of the big commercial runways

We both really did. Thanks

It was just a CRJ-200 but really cool to see

Oof, that’s good! Again, congrats’

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Heck yeah, just seeing any jet holding short as you’re landing must be awesome

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It was aweosme. They had to wait for a little 172 to land

The sunset is beautiful, hope you guys had a great time flying :)

And Congratulations to your brother on his 2 Year Anniversary Flight!

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