My brief, unplanned spotting at KPHL

I was coming back from a drive, and my dad asked if I think planes are still departing at PHL. I said most likely. And I was right! It was very busy. There was a takeoff/landing every minute.

AAL A321

Speedbird 66 to EGLL

AAL A330-300 to LIRF

Those pics were actual videos but when I tried to post them it said error. But I unfortunately missed Lufthansa’s A340-300
and another British Airways 787-8.
This was my second plane spotting visit to PHL and it fascinates me all the time when I go. (Makes me want to be a pilot even more) I can’t wait until I see Qatar’s A350-900


Did you upload the videos to YouTube first?

Yes, I don’t know how to make a lInk

Copy the URL of your video and paste it here.

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What city is KPHL in?

Philadelphia, and @sturmovik thanks


nice pictures @Cameron_Brown


I forgot to post these pics.
But I went again on Monaday and there were 39kt crosswinds.

This A330-300 was from Barcelona

This 757-200 was from Manchester

This A340-300 was going to Frankfurt(I finally caught it departing!)

This A330-200 is going to Orlando

This 777-200LR is going to Heathrow

And does anyone know why CityLine operated Lufthansa flights? Because the A340-300 is operated by CityLine on the way to Philadelphia, but on the way back to Frankfurt is operated by Lufthansa

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I might of got the star alliance Lufthansa a340.

this was at Tampa KTPA.


I didn’t know American Airlines owned A330-200s. they sure do :)

Inherited from US Airways

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American purchase a few A330-300’s of their own, but @Boeing707 is correct, they were inherited by US Airway’s. Funny enough, I’ve always seen American A330s, I’ve never seen a US Airways A330 in person🤔

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If anyone wants to see the videos my YouTube channel is “Cameronb28”.


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