My birthday suggestions for IF

My birthday is coming up soon, and I want to ask my parents for something that will tie into infinite flight. Any suggestions?

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Why not an IF birthday cake


Like something that might make it more realistic? I gotta go. Going to lunch, be back soon.

Maybe a good joystick or headphones?

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Do any yokes/joystick work with IF? If so, which ones and how do I connect them?

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There’s t-shirts, another subscription, key chain thingys, yoke/joystick, throttle, rudder peddles, and so much more. You must have a laptop or desktop for a yoke, throttle, and peddles.

Yeah just upgrade you set for your phone, like get a joystick and other stuff

Like a small control panel where autopilot controls, small yoke/joystick, throttles, flaps lever spolier lever

Hmmmm hint about it to your parents for years and get an iPad Pro 😂

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Why don’t You ask for a lifesize model of an A380, fill it with 16K screens and connect the aircraft’s instruments to IF? A totally realistic experience!

Really bad jokes aside, You can ask for a joystick. I am not an expert myself, however peeping around the forums for joysticks and tutorials is the best way to go.

The worst that could happen is You having to post in the #support category, where many experts can help You out.

If a joystick is not in Your league, ask for a better device maybe, I don’t know.


Joystick is the best thing I’ve ever brought lol. Turns IF onto another level especially with the new A320 FO view and instruments!

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Ask your parents for tickets to FlightSimExpo 2020! Seeing as you live in Las Vegas (from your bio) that would largely mitigate transportation costs. It’s an amazing experience and you would also get to meet a large portion of the Infinite Flight team! 🤠


Why not do a flight in a real world flight simulator? That was one of my Christmas gifts. I piloted a 737, and I discovered that there is a big difference between IF and a cockpit.


I actually really like that idea. Maybe I’ll do a simulator when it’s my birthday. And OP, I’d definitely take this idea into account as well ;)

It’s your birthday, not ours. Let your imagination take place! Its your choice! ;)

Anyways, I wish you a really, really early birthday lol


I just looked, the local one costs 800 dollars an hour! 😵

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Are they really that expensive? I did not know that!

I did that lol.

Anyways I would recommend a Saitek pro flight yoke and rudder pedals as they aren’t expensive, have a decent quality, and have a lot of useful buttons.

Ask for an A380. Now you won’t have to worry about realism! JK I would recommend an upgrade on a device, or new joysticks.

Happy Early Birthday!

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Thanks everyone, I think I might ask for tickets to FSE or a new joystick. Thanks again!