My Beta Shots | 20.2

I was very fortunate and lucky to have gotten 20.2 beta a bit ago and here are some of my personal best shots.

  1. China Southern Cargo B77F | Expert server | N/A

  2. Lufthansa Cargo | B77F | Expert Server | KASE

  3. Qatar cargo, ANZ, air canada | B77F, W, and L | featuring @Mar350 and @DiamondGaming4

  4. Qatar B77W

Hope y’all enjoy 😉 stay tuned for more on the IFC screenshot competition


My favorite image.


Why thank you

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Jeeeeez, these are some outstanding shots, your editing is perfect!

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Awww thanks @ShaneAviation. I just recently started editing my shots.

It was nice to edit while watching a movie.

Those look great! How’s the new fog rendering?!

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Wow! These are stunning photos!

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Amazing. Really awesome.

Thanks @MJP_27

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That part of the update is something I’m really looking forward to! I saw it in the Lufthansa Cargo photo so couldn’t resist asking

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