My bests Air Canada shots

Hi everyone, for those who don’t know, I love the country of Canada. And today I will bring to youse, some of the best pics I have for ACA Air Canada


This flight was Calgary to Frankfurt, with the B77W (ACA838 - CYYC-EDDF)


Guarulhos, São Paulo to Toronto Pearson, one of my favourites routes from ACA. (ACA091 - SBGR-CYYZ)


Doha to Toronto, I have to say I don’t like so much the old livery, I prefer the new black livery of Air Canada, but I think this was a nice shot. (ACA59 - OTHH-CYYZ)


Toronto to Hong Kong, I love this route and this aircraft, the shot was tooked before my take off at Toronto Pearson. (ACA015 - CYYZ-VHHH)

And fifth

Toronto Pearson to Mumbai. This is a nice route, and there, behind me is the @ORDspotter with a Singapore A359. (ACA46 - CYYZ-VABB)

What shot do you like more? Leave a comment below here.
A hug for the people who live in Canada, I love this country 🇨🇦

  • 1 (ACA838)
  • 2 (ACA091)
  • 3 (ACA59)
  • 4 (ACA015)
  • 5 (ACA46)

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omg looks so cool, the last one ^^

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nice pics man :)

I seriously love that angle on the last pic, Thanks for including me !

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Nice shots! I really recommend flying to the Carribean (Montego Bay, Cayo Coco, Havana, Punta Cana, Etc.), they are all very scenic routes, especially the Bahamas which has AMAZING scenery. One route on the A220 I was looking forward to doing was YYZ-GGT on the ACA A220. If you’d like, you can PM me whenever you want to do a flight with me (after 2021-12-15T17:00:00Z.) Just like your love for Canada, I also really love Brazil!


Nice job! I think my friends @Canadian_Aviator and @MiniYYZ would love this topic haha. Keep up the great shots ^_^!


Absolutely fantastic shots! I actually took the Air Canada 777-300ER from YYZ to YVR the other day in real life. What an awesome aircraft! :D


Can’t wait for you to include Air Canada A220 in a future topic, once available :p

Incredible shots mate ! 🇨🇦

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Nice shot bro. Love it. Air Canada new livery so beautiful!!!

From Montreal (YUL, YMX, YHU)


thanks mate!

:) on the next Air Canada topic I have another shot from us at VABB

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Yeah, I’m looking for this routes, I’m waiting for A220 to make them.

Wow, It’s my dream fly with an Air Canada 77W. Maybe next year when I go to Charlottetown, P.E.I I may can be this lucky


Oh yeah, can wait sure! I have plans to make another ACA topic exclusive by for the A220

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Thanks mate! :)

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Thanks bro! I hope they like this!

GREAT 👍 Shots! Buddy from a fellow 🇨🇦Canadian 😉
The first Shot is the Best! Especially with the 2nd largest fleet, WestJet in the background 🍁

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Awesome shots!

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I’m pretty sure there’s Air Canada A320 in IF and if so, I recommend flying from LaGuardia to Toronto Pearson and Calgary to Pearson in a Boeing 767 which are irl routes flown by Air Canada


I love the old livery 787, that’s a cool shot. The first with the 77W and the WJA 789 is so good though! Definitely my favorite!


The new Air Canada livery is such a beauty with the black and the maple leaf inside the ring, it’s just such an awesome livery. Love it 🤩🤩

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