My Bests Air Canada Shots part 2

Hi guys, here we are again, and how I have promised, the part 2 of my bests shots flying with Air Canada.

So let’s see this 5 selected shots I’ve made


This shot was made at a go around at La Guardia approach, it’s seem we almost colid with each other, but we don’t, we were at a safety distance, this it’s the zoom efect (CYYZ - KLGA I ACA702)

This was in the city I love so much, at Kelowna. I recomend fly to there, have a such amazing approach. (CYYZ - CYLW I ACA1129)

This was a recent flight actually, the ACA001 is a extinct flight, at least I don’t see this flight anymore flying on FR24, I recomend this flight too, it’s a good trip (CYYZ - RJTT I ACA001)

This is the best flight of ACA, Toronto to Charlottetown, the city I more love in the entire world things, PEI it’s the best place of the world, the guy behind me is my friend @Guilherme_Carvalho, and I guess he was going to Brazil, it was a long time ago. Please visit Charlottetown PEI. (CYYZ - CYYG I ACA634)

A retro flight was made with my other friend @Thiago_Araujo, I have to say the Air Canada Boeing 747-200 it’s a such amazing aircraft with a nice livery (CYYZ - LFPG I ACA872)

Leave a comment and a like for the part 3 with more 5 shots

So, what is the best shot for you, comment here below or vote in the pool

  • ACA702 - YYZ-LGA
  • ACA1129 - YYZ - YLW
  • ACA001 - YYZ - HND
  • ACA634 - YYZ - YYG
  • ACA872 - YYZ - CDG

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Let’s fly the flag!

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WOW. These are amazing!!! You should join @AirCanadaVirtual !

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The last one looks like a picture taking in the 1970s becasue of the 747-200 an the DC-10 in the backround.

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Wowwww nice pics 👍👍👍

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thanks mate, maybe one day I go to there hahaha

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yeah, the intend of this flight was this actually hahaha

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thanks mate 🍻

Great Job! Im gonna do the first one soon but vice versa. Pretty hard to choose a livery to pick because there both good.

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Nice photos man! Happy to see me here!

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thanks bro!

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thanks mate, it’s a honor fly with you! cheers 🍻🍻

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