My best shots of today

From KLAX to KPSP, KPSP to KSAN and KSAN to KLAX and some pics between 757 :)


Same pic posted two times.

Did you take off with flaps 30?

because overweight

You shouldn’t be taking off over MTOW…

i take off over MTOW because the take off run was quick and i want made the duration real :)

in A321 you can taking off à 0% load, flaps full, in only 5-6 seconds :)

Taking off with overweight and full flaps is not real.

but the structure would support a weight over MTOW… but like you said: not real

@grxninesix Takeoff with less weight, less thrust, less flaps. I usually takeoff with 25 percent weight, flaps 15, and early to mid 90’s for N1.

Did I miss where this said critique my take offs and the way I fly. Or did it say here are my best pics for today?

In a 747-8 Zero percent load i can takeoff in 600 feet runway