My best shots of 2021

Hello IFC!
It’s come time to select my favorite photos from the year 2021. What a year it’s been! I definitely haven’t been as active as previous years but I got a ton of good pics so let’s hope I can still raise a few smiles. Let’s get to it!


Alaska 737 departing LAX


American 777 cruising at FL370


Emirates 777 loading up at DFW


Cathay Pacific A350 climbing out of HKG


Delta 757 lining up at DCA


Southwest 737 climbing out of HNL


United 757 cruising over the Pacific


Corsair A339 climbing out of RUN


Virgin Atlantic A333 over the Atlantic en route from JFK to LHR


Delta A350 banking over Manhattan at FL390

Thank you for a great year everyone and happy landings!


Very nice pics mate! Keep up the good work!

I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to say A333 unless your flying some other simulator

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Nope you are right, thanks!

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That Southwest picture is just amazing!

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