My Best Shots of 2020

Hey IFC!
This is no ordinary @Jack_Q #screenshots-and-videos topic. This is the top 10 shots I have taken throughout the entire year! This year, I have taken more than 1000 shots and posted more than 100 S&V topics! I really don’t know how that’s possible. So I had to sort through all of those photos and I finally narrowed it down to the top ten.

Feast your eyes!

#10 - Air China A319 takeoff from Beijing

#9 - Lufthansa 747-400 climbing out of Seattle, bound for Frankfurt

#8 - Southwest 737-700 lining up for takeoff at DEN

#7 - Aer Lingus A350 climbing over California, bound for DUB

#6 - Delta A350 takeoff from Seattle

#5 - United 737-900 crusing over Nevada

#4 - Xcub flying through Alaska

#3 - British Airways 747-400 climbing out of Kennedy

#2 - 737-800 soaring over the mountains early one September morning

Before I post this last photo, I want to credit and thank all the wonderful people I have met, worked with, flown with, and laughed with this year that fueled my love for Infinite flight even more.

@PlaneCrazy - my Montana buddy, a fantastic friend, a great leader, creative, kind, and smart!
@KaiM - the crew center wizard himself, CEO of VGVA for most of the year until he handed over his duties to me in September, a great mentor, very patient, decisive, and friendly. I couldn’t do it without you.
@Robert_Thomas1 - Human resources manager at VGVA until September when the big staff change happened. He was promoted to COO, and has been a great friend, super helpful and confident. I couldn’t do this without you.
@Knellered - the Chief Pilot at VGVA, who has been there longer than I have been at the VAA and has logged more than 6000 hours for us. He is smart, creative, kind, and is one heck of a pilot.
@Blake_Stephens - CEO of UVAL. One of the best leaders I have ever had, super friendly, willing to give his advise on next to anything, spends days on end working for the VA and trying to give the pilots the best experience possible.

Other fantastic people in communities, VAs, VOs and in the skies I have met and bonded with: @Furwani, @United2, @EpicNYC04, @texasaviation, @majhz, @MaxTheBandit, @Jamie_Walker, @Sashaz55, @Airbus_737, @Suhas, @Anshul28, @BigBert10, @GlobalFlyer1, @AndrewWu, @NoahM, @Infinite_Qantas, @JulianB, @Ecoops123, @anon42527263, @LaroseRoyce, @Thunderbolt, @Butter_Boi, @GameBoy_KIRB, @Kamryn, and @IF787.

Thankyou all for being so wonderful!

#1 - Delta 777-200LR crusing from LAX-SYD

I hope y’all enjoyed, and Happy Holidays, happy New year’s, safe landings, and last but not least, stay safe!


I like the picture

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Which one?😂


Great pictures!


This picture

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That Southwest picture 😍🔥


Very happy to be tagged here and also very glad for all your contributions to the IFC, not only in #screenshots-and-videos! These pictures are very nice and high-quality, which is something present in all of your topics. Thanks for sharing and for the tag!

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How’s this even possible?? Amazing job there! 👍

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That’s southwest one is awesome!

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My best shots of 2019 topic

Lovely variety of shots Jack 👌🏽


Amazing 😻 shots

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I have to admit, I looked at every photo and was just like - WOW !! Stunning shots and pretty good amount of screenshots! Wish you a happy new year - would like to fly with you also:))

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I’m hoping next year, the A330 will make it onto that top 10!

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great pictures