My best shots in IF

Hey Guys!
Today I want to show you my best screenshots

1. LLBG(Tel Aviv) - UKBB(Kyiv)

Boeing 737-900 (Ukraine international airlines)

2. WIII(Jakarta) - WMKK(Kuala Lumpur)

Boeing 737-800 (Garuda indonesia)

3. EDDL(Düsseldorf) - HEGN(Hurghada)

Boeing 737-800 (TUI)

4. LGIR(Heraklion) - EDDM(Munich)

Boeing 737-800 (TUI fly)

5. EGCC( Manchester) - ENGM(Oslo)

Boeing 737-800 (Norwegian)

6. KRNT(Renton) - KRNT(Renton)

Boeing 737-900

Which is better?

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Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the factory painted Boeing 737 jumped over the moon…

Love the second one, keep up the good work!


I heard Boeing puts their aircraft under extreme conditions during testing… didn’t know it was this extreme ;)

Nice shots! I like the Norwegian one, the moon in the background is a nice touch.


The 6th one was beautiful, absolute masterpiece

o and it’s over the moon that cool


These are awesome. The 2nd and 6th are the best! I applaud you for having the Boeing 737 in all your photos.

lol 6, something you don’t see every day 😂👌

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You must really love the Boeing 737.

Awesome shots mate, keep it up especially picture 6.

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Great shots, thanks for sharing! Nice to see some TUI action!

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Beautiful! Love the last one! As @Air_Boss said, something you don’t see a lot! Keep it up! 👍👍👍👍

Beautiful pictures 🙌