My Best Shots From The Month Of July

G’day all, so since July is now behind us it’s time see my best and favourite shots from the past month. As always the pictures aren’t edited in any way and are straight from the game.

I was on multiple different servers flying from multiple different airports with multiple different aircraft, I have changed the time in the pictures to make them look better but when I was flying I was changing between noon and current time.

The first cab off the rank is a shot you don’t see often it’s me at the gate waiting for the passengers to board with the Moon in the foreground.

A powerful climb out of Toronto with a beautiful full Moon in the background ground.

A lonely XCubby taking off with a beautiful full Moon.

3 XCubbys at the gate on the day of release with a beautiful full Moon.

En route to SAN Francisco form Amsterdam with the KLM orange pride livery with very foggy/cloudy skies below.

En route to SAN Francisco form Amsterdam with the KLM orange pride livery with a beautiful full Moon.

Departing out of SAN Francisco with the American Airlines MD-11 heading to Vegas with a beautiful full Moon.

En route to Vegas with the American Airlines MD-11 with a very foggy/cloudy skies below.

Me and my friends parked at the gate at Denver after a group flight from Salt Lake City on FNF with a beautiful full Moon.

Last but not least a beautiful close up shot of us waiting for our group flight to Oshkosh for flight two of XCubby’s to Oshkosh.

I really hope you enjoyed the pictures. Stay tuned for my for Boeing 777 review and my comparison between global and pre global.

Which picture was your favourite?

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Please note that some pictures are from late June.

A big thanks to the following for coming along to my Southwest group flight:

@Ecoops123, @Fusion737Max, @Gtmkm98, @Scandinavian17, @AlphaSeven

All images are Copyright © 2019 by Qantas094. All rights reserved.
If you want to use any of my pictures for a post, YouTube thumbnail, Instagram post, etc please PM me.


Love all the moon shots. Amazing pictures. 😃


Thanks mate, I love the Moon shots as well.


How do you get the moon to appear like that? Mines is just a small white circle.


really beautiful pictures! I bet @DeerCrusher is happy is moonshot tutorial paid off 🤣😉 @Bravo59 look here for more info


Amazing pictures by the way.


Thanks mate

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Wow, that’s… a lot of moons…

Nice photos, I actually like the MD-11 one most just because it’s a break from all the moons. Be sure not to overuse them.

Love the shots though!


Thanks mate, I was taking advantage of the full Moon on the 17th Of July.

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Looks like you really love the sun and the moon

I’m impressed mate!


Thanks mate, I like the Moon in IF it’s a lot better than in other simulators.

Fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks and you’re welcome mate.

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Well earned!

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Absolutely stunning pictures, some of them made me forget it was a simulator! What I would love to know is how do you take pictures of the moon in such high resolution and detail?

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To tell you the truth I really liked numbers 2,5,6 and lastly number 8 the lovely, beautiful, magnificent, etc

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Some amazing shots there 👏👏 great stuff


I’m glad to see you post a picture of our Southwest Group Flight; it was awesome!

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These are so awesome

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Absolutely stunning! Can’t go wrong with sunset shots.