My Best Screenshots Yet!

I’m very happy with how these photos turned out. So happy, in fact, that I’d call this my best screenshots topic yet. I think 3D buildings and clouds have a lot to do with that, but see for yourself! And I didn’t use any editing besides cropping — maybe it’s the new rendering model, but the lighting looks great as-is!

This was a placement flight from KLAX to KORD, with a United 772 leaving maintenance and taking off 25R. Expert Server from a few days ago. Enjoy!

To begin, we have United 354 Heavy sitting in maintenance during the afternoon as the crews wrap up checks and get this bird ready to return to Chicago that evening.

As the flight crew prepares to start the engines for taxi, a 748 in House colors blasts off 25R

Instructed to lineup and wait, the 772 makes a slow turn onto the threshold of 25R.

From an embedded camera in the runway, these two action shots are some of my all-time favorites. Awesome!

But I spoke too soon. The engineering marvel that is KLAX stretches out behind the 777 as we begin to rotate. A sleek 10 Years A350 and accurate tail fins in the background make this a perfect image. I just might need to change my iPad background…

In honor of the BA 747, a terminal spotting photo with gates and one very fast 777.

If only the moon had been kept in this screenshot. That stupid bug which needs to be fixed unfortunately kept this from being amazing, but it still has great lighting and clouds. United colors and sunset pair together so well.

And your favorite photo was? … comment below :)


Bonus content — I tried getting the moon in this time and was more successful. The clouds are absolutely great in these types of photos.


Really nice shots you got here , keep up this wonderful work !!


Awesome photos man! Buildings sure do add so much to photos, they look entirely different now.


I love your photo’s,

Especially this beautiful shot you got of the gorgeous 748 taking off! Good work. :)

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@Mo_Alz Thanks! Will do haha

@Butter_Boi They sure do! Glad you liked the photos

@preston Appreciate it! The 748 was a great catch. Nice to see the 747s out and about after the retouches they received in 21.1

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Amazing photos! You’re actually the first thread that I’ve replied to, in over a year since I last visited this forum. I love the airport pictures, keep them up.


Wow! Welcome back to the forum! And thanks - I’m glad you liked them so much!

Fantastic shot!! My device would explode with the quality of that picture lol 😂

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Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Nice photos, really liked the picture of the departure with terminals, lights and aircrafts in the background. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! That one is definitely my favorite haha

I see that moon!

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Awesome photos!!

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@Xaro Yep! It was in a perfect position for that photo

@Noah_Wills Thank you!