My Best Screenshots (So Far!)

These were all taken by me, all taken on the Training Server. Here are my favorite picks so far.

Make sure to give any feedback on the editing, angles etc.

Hope you like them!

Important Note: I may have some descriptions wrong such as the aircraft or the location but I tried my best to remember where I took these. I am also very new to the community even though I’ve been flying for around a month now. See you guys around!

1) An American B777-200ER (oneworld Livery) Short final at KJFK.

2) A FedEx B777-200F on final.

3) A British Airways A319-100 on short final at EGLL.

4) A RyanAir B737-800 and easyJet A319 next to each other.

5) A Cathay Pacific B747-400 on final at Kai Tak International Runway 13.

6) A Cathay Pacific B777-300ER over the pacific ocean after departing from VHHH.

7) A RyanAir B737-800 Landing

8) An easyJet A319-100 preparing to taxi after pushback.

Which shot is your favroite?

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Love that British Airways photo !!


That’s very nice picture good job
I give you 5 Star

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I think you did your pole wrong


You stole the words right out of my mouth. 😂😂


Heh yea, very new too it .~.

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Use a single choice poll instead of a rating poll.


Not sure if a screenshot or actual photography

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The biggest debate of the 21st century!

But I hope the ryanair landing wasn’t too hard…

Gr8 post… I wld fix the voting a bit… 😂

Great photos! Might want to fix your poll though, because yours shows the rating, even though you asked us which photo is the best :)