My best Screenshots of [The year that shall not be named]

Ill do it.
Here are my best photos of 2020. Ill check them based off of my #screenshots-and-videos topics

This one I did not post but its very good.

I know I posted this somewhere

this one I put in a PM

This was my recreation of the Swiss001 outro and was my PFP for a while

I love this engine shot

Quick test flight of the A350

This picture of the LA coast I’ve just loved idk why

The Podium

Coming in 3rd place we have us doing the Kai Tak approach over the new airport

For the silver we have my picture for the CRJ-200 Route Database

For the Gold we have my fav of the year!
My 757 window shot in my favorite livery

I know some people might not agree but I like these.

Thanks for viewing!

“From now, until the next time, See you in the skies!” - Jeb Brooks


Great job there, #3 has to be my favorite. Well done!

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Thank you!

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I absolutely love the 3rd one!
But they are all just great

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If you are wondering me and @nativetoalaska were escorting @IF787 on his from from Vancouver to Kai Tak


You flew in a really nice formation

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You liked the 3rd one so much I made it my PFP