My best screenshots of 2023

My best photos 📸

Hello IFC! What a year it has been. This year, I saw a big improvement in my editing skills, and I would like to present my best photos taken this year, along with a few new ones I made just for this topic. :)

So let’s get right into it!


Photos are edited
Servers: Expert and Solo
Time & Route: various routes
Year: 2023

Starting off with the new photos…

Early Morning arrival into Amsterdam

Getting ready for departure at Istanbul

Flying over the southern alps

A beautiful view over the Swiss Alps

Moving onto the older photos from this year

Qatar Airways B77W landing at Doha

Swiss A220 departing out of Geneva

CL35 Flying to Barcelona

ITA flying to Los Angeles

E175 approaching Los Angeles

Air Tahiti back taxiing

Thank you and have a happy New Year 🎆 :)


Great photos!!

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Very good photos, but how do you make it look so good?

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Man, absolutely gorgeous! 📸

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Thank you!

Thanks! I use editing softwares like snapseed or Lightroom and lens distortions

Thank you so much :)

Wow, alll these shots are fire!

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Thank you!!!

Truly one of the best I have ever seen from ur pics🔥
Bro def cooked this year

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Thank you :)

Wanted to end 2023 with one of my best photo!

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