My Best Screenshots Compilation! And Community Thank You!

Hello! Welcome to my 13th #screenshots-and-videos topic, Wow! So much, thanks to everyone who has helped get used to the community 😃.

Here are my 10 best screenshots taken in the Infinite Flight sim. I will include the link to the thread the picture was featured in if you would like to see the rest. It has been fun taking these photos, and I hope you enjoy these pics. 😃

To start us off, here’s a pic from “Fun in Alaska”. Here I am looking over the right engine on approach to Juneau. Lint to topic.

Here, a scenic photo from “Southern Flight with Frontier”. This was taken during a flyout event at Orlando. Link to topic.

Here’s a nighttime photo from “Quest for an Alaskan Moonshot”. Here, I’m just climbing to take my first moonshot. Link to topic.

This is a photo from my topic “All American Moonshots”. The American Airlines Astrojet 737 flying into the moon, kind of. Link to topic.

Here, a Delta 787 from “Some Deltastic Flights” climbing from JFK, this is probably one of my best moonshots. Link to topic.

A Copa 737-800 cruising over the Himalayas from “Fun with Copa Airlines”, I didn’t know where Copa flew at the time, so I guessed here. But it turned out to be really good. Link to Topic.

Here, from “Cruising Around Dubai”, my 737-700BBJ complete with the IF livery, is flying over the palm tree islands. Link to topic.

Here is my best XCub photo. From “XCub to the Moon!” I am flying VFR around Homer, AK. I just love the quality of this photo, it’s beautiful. Link to topic.

This photo is from “Orange Pride”. I took this one awhile back, but I made the topic recently. Link to topic.

Last, but not least, this photo from “The Glory of Anchorage, Alaska” is my favorite. The combination of weather and lighting, make this evening Photoshoot my favorite photo. Link to topic.

Feel free to use these as a wallpaper, just don’t upload it to anything else without my permission.

Once again, I would like to thank the community members who have helped me along the way, from my first topic, to this one, it has been great. I hope you enjoy these photos! 😃😄😁


Love your Alaska shots! They capture the beauty of the B739 and the livery!

Next time you make a post like this, go to gate D01 at KSEA in the ASA B739, and look forward! (It’ll be a good look at Mount Rainer 😉)


I only have one word, stunning.


Thank you so much guys! I loved taking there pics. 😃 And yes, I’ll try that @nativetoalaska!


Just awesome buddy 👍🏽😉

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Thank you! 😃

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You’re welcome keep it up

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Nice photos! The first one is my favorite.

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Feel free to use these photos as wallpapers, screensavers, etc. But Do Not post these elsewhere without my permission.

And thank you for your support everyone! 😃