My best pictures of January!

As January comes to an end. Here are some of my best pictures of the month. Small memoirs from all the flights in the month. Hope you all enjoy them.

First we have an F16 on a regular sortie over Japan.

Moving now, we now have a weird pilot trying to reach the moon in his F22 Raptor somewhere above the West coast.

Here we have a stunning low visibilty departure and bank out of Santiago (SCEL) outbound to Heathrow.

Now we have an Emirates A388 somewhere over the Gulf preparing for descent after a short hop from Mumbai(VABB)

This is an artistic imagination of a planespotter on the Maho beach down in Sint Maarten, looking up at the Delta A333 seconds before landing at runway 10 at SXM, while an interesting variety of aircraft hold short.

This is a special picture of an Air India 744 on a special mission to evacuate trapped Indian citizens from Wuhan where Corona virus has broken out. Entering the himalayas right now!

Stunning scenery of Tibet somewhere near Lhasa.

A BA 744 making final adjustments to establish localizer at Cape town on a beautiful morning.

A China Eastern A359 beginning taxi, and a Cathay A359 landing.

An Iberia A359, beginning final descent for SCEL.

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Nice moon shots man!

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Thanks a lot broo!!

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Now those are some amazing photos, awesome job!

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-Me, 2020, whispered from my couch.

My favorites were the British 744, and the China Eastern x Cathay a350s. I just love Cape Town.

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Nice pictures! I love the one with the moon and the A350s.

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Thanks a lot!

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Yea…thanks a lot bro!

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Thanks @Mr-plane-guy1

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Love the fighters! Give em love!

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