My best photos of 2020!

Hey y’all! Good news! 2020 is almost over (and is over for some people). I’ve seen other people do this, so I will show y’all my favorite screenshots that I took this year!

Note: I will be ranking these from 10 being the lesser and 1 being the best.

10: Route: KMIA ~ TNCM
On short final after the sun has set in the Caribbean.

9 and 8: Route: KDFW ~ KTYS
Rotaté out of KDFW

Descending into KTYS, with a beautiful glare on the aircraft

7: Route: KDAL ~ KAMA
Gear down as I approach my hometown.

6: Route: YSSY ~ KLAX
At parking before my first overnight flight!

5: Route: PAGY ~ PAGY
Just some VFR flying in the Alaskan mountains.

4: Route: KLAX ~ KLAX
(This was in solo just after the 757 came out) Taking off from KLAX

Top three!
3: Route: KDFW ~ KASE
Another gear down photo as I approach KASE.

Touchdown as another American 777 prepares for departure.

And now, The best of my photography, My number one photo:

1: Route: KDFW ~ KLAX
Touchdown with the magnificent Queen about to takeoff!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my photos!

Which do you think should’ve been #1?
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  • Number 1 is the best!

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Y’all have a happy New Years and a fantastic 2021!!! See y’all next year!


This one is definitely my favorite with the nice 737 approaching