My best photos (2017-2019)

Was just clearing up my photos when I found these! Thought I should post my best ones before I deleted them. Vote which one is your favourite below

  1. FedEx C208 flying over some amazing water (Pre-Global)
  1. Parked at Queenstown, beautiful sunset
  1. Qantas A380, touchdown!
  1. Qantas Dreamliner showing its belly on the way to London
  1. Group flight with @DeerCrusher along the east coast of Australia
  1. Qantas A380 flying over the moon
  1. Scenic island hopping with a TBM

Which is your favourite?

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I’d say 1 by far, the pre-global water reflect was amazing. The way you took it, is stylish and it’s a GA!
Number 7 would come second.

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Ahh I wish I was taking screenshots and editing back in pre-global. The first one is amazing!

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Perfect! l like these photos for they are so beautiful.

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