My Best Photo Album! | Singapore - Montreal | Qatar A359


Before you call the Realism Police on me, let me tell you about the real-world aspects of this flight; while of course this non-stop route doesn’t exist, but this route does with a layover in Doha, thus the Qatar livery! This flight was recently upgraded from the 777W to the A35X! Though we don’t have that in Infinite Flight yet 😔. Now, back to the background; this flight is my first flight to take me to the absolute North Pole! Found out it was basically nothing! Oh well!

Let’s dive into more of the details!



Aircraft in use

A359 (Qatar)





Picture Time! ⬇️

Catching some midnight vibes in Singapore! 🌙

Positive rate… Gear Up! ☑️

Wish Singapore good-bye as we begin our journey to the Montreal! 🇨🇦

The North Pole —Desolate and foggy, yet beautiful In it’s own way! ☁️

The First Officer’s foggy window as we approach Northern Canada! 💨

With a half moon in Northwestern Quebec, I decided to take a half moonshot! 🌙

A dust Camera mange’s to capture my flare on to runway 24R! 📸

Unloading, as an avid aviation enthusiast captures this photo with their 39mm vintage French camera! 📽

Thank you for viewing my personally best photo album!

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These are veeerryy edited. Just a suggestion, maybe tone it down next time :D


Yes I know, just trying to switch things up! Thanks!


I actually quite like the editing. Awesome work there, amazing photos! You managed to edit your photos to the point where any sane person would scream watching you doing your editing. But somehow you were able to still make it look good, even with all that editing — I don’t know what you did, but it sure turned out great! Stellar job (hence your username 😂)!

#3 is stunning!

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