My best of Spotting Munich Airport

Hello everyone !
So I am not a professional spotter but over the last 2 years I took some great pictures of the Munich Airport and of some of my flights !
(most of them I took during a bus ride around the airport)
I really don‘t have to talk much just enjoy them :)

Lufthansa A340-600 pushing back

Hello again (taxing to runway):

Lufthansa A350 [old livery]:

The perfect background:

The “Big Boy”:

Lufthansa A330-300:

Eurowings A320:

Qatar B777-300ER:

Over the Alps:

Tell me the plane and the airline 😆

What I really have to say:
Don‘t think that an A320 or a B737 are small in IF because in real-life they are huge (yes I have already seen planes before 😂 flew my first time with 2 by the way) and when I saw this A340 again it was just breathtaking to see this huge fuselage and this wingspan ! This is why I really support a rework for the A340.
Hope you understand what I mean :)

What do you think of the Munich Airport (my home airport) ?

I would appreciate a like and a comment ✈️
You will see a lot more when I have holidays ! (and in better quality ⚡️)

Fly safe ans always remember: "The only mystery in life is why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets."
(just a little joke don‘t take it too serious)


Those are amazing!

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Nice spotting!

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I love Munich airport. Great variety of planes and really cool location for flights across the Alps! Unfortunately haven’t connected through MUC in the last years, but I hopefully will be back soon.

Thanks for sharing!

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Nice pictures,

I think that plane is an A380 Lufthansa old livery.

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Well A380 is right but it‘s not Lufthansa 😆

Just a heads-up, you currently have 11 pictures, and you are only allowed to have 10.

Also, nice pictures.

WOW…, that are some nice spotting pics mr. Germanpilot. I really like that Eurowings with that cloudy background.

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