My Best of 2020!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the end of another year. While the world shut down because of a virus, I was able to get a chance to fly more than ever! These photos were taken throughout the year, during all three AWESOME updates that we experienced!

Because this is a collection, I cannot give details on one flight, but all of these were taken in Expert Server!

This is my first time creating a post in the #screenshots-and-videos topic, so If I missed anything, feel free to let me know!


Awesome photos you got there! I absolutely love the moonshot with the purple-ish sky, really looks unique. Great work on the America West 757 too!

For your first #screenshots-and-videos topic, these are amazing! You’ve really outdone yourself!

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Thank you so much! I try to put effort in these images, and make use of the nifty replay feature (that more people should use)!

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America West shot is awesome!!

These photos look great! Nice work!

Amazing photos, well done