My best moonshots [compilation]

I’ve been longer than a year here and boy what did this community teach me.
It taught me to create quality moonshots
It taught me how to behave
I made me realize there are thousands of other people out there that have the same love for aviation as me.

So now I made a compilation of my moonshots to take a step back in time.
10 moonshot, 10 routes I forgot, then aircraft. there is a 90% chance you’ve seen these before


That’s an oldie, my very first moonshot

I was getting better and better at moonshots. Still some practice needed for perfection

Hm, almost perfect.

That looks good

Let’s take another step in time, more forward this time

Millitary Aviation is great, isn’t it?😏

Starting to take moonshots for friends (that wanted to start a VA)

Was this the perfection I was looking for? YES

More MD-11 fun, hehe

Still as good as back then? maybe

Alright, looks like it’s getting worse.
Stopping right here

Well, that was a major step back in time for my all time moonshots.
It sure was fun

These screenshots have no copyright, so I won’t sue you.
But credit is always appreciated :)

Ok, well… that was my topic.
Thanks for viewing and adios 👋😄


These photos are the definition of amazing. Great work!

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Love the KLM one!

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@Infinite_Qantas, you just made a topic, prepare for notifications. Do you remember that other #screenshots-and-video topic you made? 😛

Great job, I’ve seen some of them, but who cares? Those are some awesome photos!

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No, I don’t remember the other screenshot topic, I have dozens of screenshot topics😛

@KindaTartySliceOfPie thank you :)

@ColtonS KLM MD-11 is just a beauty, sad it’s retired :/


Those are amazing, I don’t even know what one I like most, well done mate!

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Which one you like most?👀

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Very nice shots indeed, loved the KLM MD-11 moonshot the most 😍

Thanks mate 👊

These are incredible!!!

I must learn how to do these

I’m sure you’ve seen it…

And read it about five times 😂

Well then get out there and start practicing😉

Wow, thanks mate :)

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